• Sat. May 25th, 2024

Olokun Head Features As Osun FA Unveil New Crest

Osun Football Association have unveiled a new crest. The new design amongst others incorporates the motto of the association, “Fairplay and Harmony”.

The new design will be seen by the public beginning with signage, publications and merchandise for the upcoming State Football League.

The new logo ties in the history of the of the state cum Association while providing a modern look. “The goal of redesigning our logo is to create a look that stays true to the roots of the territory and the association while reaching out to all and sundry,” said Mayor Sola Fanawopo the association supremo.

“The new logo captures the energy and excitement in our domain and that of our organization, we hope that it will inspire more people to join us as we revitalise the ecosystem with sustainable developments”.

Here are what the symbols and features of the Osun FA Crest represent.

The Motto: Fairplay and Harmony
The official motto of Osun FA is “Fairplay and Harmony.” Fairplay represents the importance of treating every stakeholder fairly and without bias, while “Harmony” signifies the integration of diverse ideas.

The background
The whitish background expresses our neutrality in politics and religious beliefs.

Two Horses
Two horses on either Ori Olokun symbolize our endurance, confidence, triumph, heroism, and competition.

Ori Olokun
The Serpent represents death and the mask represents life. The full moon is the symbol of fertility, and the half-moon represents happiness. The sun represents power and the wheel is the symbol of guidance. The oars represent the impulse to get to port and the good and evil we do in life.

Green Colour
The green colour on our crest speaks to our desire to foster understanding and acceptance among our diverse stakeholders and see each person and party’s potential value and goodness.

Yellow Colour
The yellow colour signifies our idealism, imagination, hope, and dreams.

Black Colour
The black shade on our crest represents our strong will and determination to go after what we want.

Red Colour
The red colour shows our desire to attract attention to our activities.

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