• Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Athletico de Cote d’Ivoire Kicks Off WAFU B Qualifiers with Victory

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  • Athletico de Cote d’Ivoire Kicks Off WAFU B Qualifiers with Victory

Athletico de Cote d’Ivoire commenced their WAFU B Qualifiers journey on Tuesday evening with a resounding 2-0 triumph over Amis du Monde, securing a spot in the semi-finals.

Goals from Ajua propelled the Ivory Coast champions to victory, earning them the crucial three points needed to progress to the next round.

Ajua’s impact was notable, as she converted a penalty kick in the first half and followed up with a tap-in to secure the win. Captain George Sunday expressed the team’s determination to win despite their secured qualification as the host nation. She highlighted their commitment to competing rather than merely participating.

Sunday commented on the challenging match, stating, “Today’s game was a true test, and we were determined to win. Our presence was not just to grace the field, but to secure victory even with our guaranteed spot as the host team. While the pressure was intense, we overcame it.”

She also extended good wishes to Amis du Monde, acknowledging their skill. Looking ahead to their next match against Arpem Darkoa, Sunday acknowledged the strength of the Ghanaian team but emphasized Athletico de Cote d’Ivoire’s resolute intent to clinch victory.

“The Ghanaian girls pose a challenge, yet we approach the game with a strong desire to win. Our presence in this tournament is not a casual affair – we are here to claim victory.”