• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

NFF’s Players Union Reconciliation Committee Set Up Seven-Man Constitutional Drafting Committee

…meets again on April 27, 2023.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Reconciliation Committee has set up a seven-man Constitutional Drafting Committee to be Chaired by Mr Felix Owolabi-Akinloye. The Committee is expected to also come out with recommendations on the process that will lead to a new leadership of the United Players Union.

The Chairman of the reconciliation Committee and Deputy Governor of Edo State, Rt Hon Comrade Philip Shaibu made this position known while briefing journalists in the Communique after a three-day meeting involving members of PFAN and ANFPU.

According to the Communique
“The Constitutional drafting Committee has just two weeks to submit its report and the two weeks expire on the 14 of April 2023. The Committee is also to make recommendations after the presentation of the newly drafted Constitution on the process that will lead to the new leadership of the united union of players in Nigeria.

“Also, after all the documentation which includes drafting of a new Constitution and recommendations of the Committee, the House will meet on the 26th of April 2023 to adopt the new Constitution and receive the recommendation of the process that will lead to the new leadership of one united player’s union which we will all agreed on. On the 26th of April 2023, we will also unveil the name that will be adopted for the new union”.

Shaibu said “we have collectively agreed to have one players’ union that is not divided, this is a commitment from PFAN and ANFPU to address abnormalities observed in the cause of the meeting which includes slave contracts, ill health and welfare of members”

Thanking both unions for accepting to attend the meeting, Comrade Shaibu said “We thank PFAN and ANFPU for their acceptance to meet with the Committee in line with our collective Commitment to have a formidable players union united in the interest of both the retired players and the active players in Nigeria. These sacrifices will go a long way to correcting the abnormalities associated with the welfare of retired players and those in active service.

“We have all agreed that this will be the last of any division in the unions and we have agreed that external factors will not be allowed to dictate the affairs of the players Union. We have all agreed to set up a Constitutional drafting Committee as three members each from PFAN and ANFPU will make up the members of the Committee. The Committee has provided a legal practitioner to guide it and Felix Owolabi will head the Constitutional drafting Committee.

“In the course of the meeting, we realized that there was a need to have one constitution that will take care of the aspiration of all, retired and those players still on active service and also that of the leadership.

“We have all resolved to have one united, indivisible players Union that will take care of all players in Nigeria and in the diaspora and also the welfare of those that have retired”.

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