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‘The Golden Boy’ Dr. Jim McDowell
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A few weeks ago, he visited Cameroon with life saving and capacity building projects which received commendations from people across the world – at the same time, he made a promise to take Africa’s PRO Wrestling to another level with innovative programs.

The Golden Boy is back. Fulfilling promises made which he tagged as giving back to his source and investing in the future is his first point of call.

‘’I have Africa as my origin. I am of the heritage of Benin Republic and Togo both in West Africa. My forefathers hailed from those two great nations. It is payback time now to Africa as I have made an impact in the world of wrestling in the USA where I am based.

“I saw lots of raw talents in Douala and Yaounde both in Cameroon though in the Central African Republic where I was in July 2023 for a week and I know the same athletes are in West Africa as well so my charity must begin at home.”

“If I have decided to run a free one-week pro wrestling training in February 2024 for the African talents who are interested in becoming professional wrestlers, then I am on track and in the right direction since it is payback time to my source, explained

“The Golden Boy” Dr. Jim McDowell.
The Golden Boy who has his real name is James McDowell is a talented and seasoned actor, producer, director, professional wrestler of over three decades and a dentist of appreciable repute in Florida in particular and the USA in general. Jim is a man of many parts.

A film Actor, Producer and Dentist by day and a Pro Wrestler at Night! Some call him “Jim of all trades and master of all” and I want to believe in that saying based on his exploits. His pro wrestling career has spanned over thirty years and it baffles me how he manages as a dentist and also competes favourably as a professional wrestling talent, actor and producer mostly in Florida where he is based and around the United States of America whenever there are events which have been constant for a while now.

It is of paramount importance to pay back. Giving back to society means contributing to the well-being and improvement of the community where we hailed from or in which we live. This can take many forms, such as volunteering, philanthropy or working to address social issues through activism or advocacy and even through sports promotion as Jim is embarking on now.

It is often driven by a belief in civic responsibility and a desire to make a positive impact on the world.

“As human beings, we innately realize the importance of giving back to society, because it fulfils our deepest human needs. Growth is one of those needs. Volunteering also fulfils our needs for contribution and significance, making us feel needed, unique and helpful, Golden Boy expatiated.

“The Golden Boy” Jim McDowell the AIWF Golden Age current heavyweight champion and titleholder in USA has been privileged to compete over time with world-talented and internationally rated reputable superstars like Buff Bagwell, The Barbarian, The Warlord (both of The Powers of Pain tag team), Super Crazy, The Nature Boy Paul Lee, Chic Donovan, Pablo Marquez, Mo, Twin Towers and “L’Animal” Alan Tazo of Cameroon in Africa.

Talented and industrious Jim’s double passions started when he was a young child growing up in Arkansas. His pro-wrestling career started after starting four years in college while playing American football. He tried out for the USFL and NFL afterwards before he attended dental school and he has been a dentist and pro wrestler for over 30 years.

He has been privileged to travel nationally and internationally and he has wrestled against and trained with world-rated wrestlers from CCW, WWE, NWA, WCW, PWA in Africa and so on.

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