• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Ayoola Adeleke Clinches Victory in Ovia North East LGA Council Election

Influential Benin city-based sports journalist, Ayoola Adeleke has emerged victorious in the Edo State Local Government Area (LGA) Football Association elections which took place on Wednesday morning.

The election witnessed a clear mandate in favour of Ayoola who secured an impressive tally of 3 votes to earn his position as a council member of Ovia North East LGA.

Mansa RSS’s triumph signifies not only a personal achievement but also the promise of positive transformation and development for his local government. With the responsibility he has now received, he stands poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of football within Ovia North East LGA.

His victory is a testament to the trust placed in his organizational set skills, innovative mindset, goal-getting approach to things he has been involved in, leadership abilities and commitment to fostering progress in sports in Edo State.

As a council member, Ayoola Adeleke holds the potential to drive initiatives that could enhance sporting infrastructure, create more opportunities for youth engagement, and elevate the standard of sports within the local government.

The multiple award-winning journalist’s election victory comes at a time when the importance of community-level sports development is widely acknowledged. His task ahead involves harnessing this momentum to bring forth positive changes within the local sports community.

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