• Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Abolore Applauds Fuad Oki’s Leadership Over Lagos FA’s Sustainable Path

As the Football Administration in Lagos State continues to witness an increase in development and usher in innovative programs under the leadership of Ogboni Fuad Oki, the seasoned football administrator has continued to receive praise and commendations from stakeholders in the state football scene.

Abolore AbdulRahmon, a seasoned football administrator and broadcaster, voiced his support for the sustainability of the football roadmap by Fuad Oki led the board of the Lagos State Football Association (LSFA).

“In the pursuit of international standards, LSFA Chairman Ogboni Fuad Oki introduced football club licensing, a laudable initiative embraced by numerous clubs for professional operation,” Abolore remarked.

He further elaborated, “To enhance coaching capabilities, LSFA under Ogboni Fuad has partnered with the Nigeria Institute for Sports (NIS) for subsidized Coaching Courses, creating an enabling environment for Lagos State Football Coaches Association members to climax in their career.”

Abolore emphasized the LSFA Board’s commitment to revitalizing the State League, fortifying the Divisional FA, and elevating competitions like the Oba Cup and Ibile Cup, concluding, “Football in Lagos State serves as a benchmark for others to emulate, and I implore all football enthusiasts not to be deterred by distractions.”

One thought on “Abolore Applauds Fuad Oki’s Leadership Over Lagos FA’s Sustainable Path”
  1. His policies are what Lagos State Football has been lacking, protective of grassroots teams, coaches and have the possibility to elevate football Coaches knowledge

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