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Enoh Charges Nigerian Referees To Be The Best in Africa

ByAlibor Andrew

Aug 24, 2023

The newly-appointed Minister of Youth & Sports, John Enoh, who had earlier toured the Moshood Abiola National Stadium to consider its state of facilities on Wednesday, also met with the Referee Assessors at their annual development program in Abuja where he levied them to the eye to be Africa’s best.

During his time with the referees, he charged them to constantly fasten their knowledge with innovations in the game, and apply good measures to the domestic leagues in Nigeria and African football at large.

“Over the years, referees in Nigeria have been heavily criticized over their performances in our leagues, but I want to trust that we will build on the recent successes achieved and win the confidence of our people,” Enoh stated.

The minister was welcomed by the chairperson of the referees committee, Mrs Faith Irabor, who also appreciated and assured him that Nigerian referees are fit to be the best on the continent of Africa.

“Referees are critical stakeholders of the game, and we need them to be at their best at all times, for the growth of our football. You have the potential to be the best in Africa and you must work hard to be,” she added.

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