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GFA purchase balls worth $100,000 for youth teams

ByJokanola Bolaji

Feb 2, 2024 ,

To ensure the development of football in Ghana’s grassroots football development , the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has received a boost with the arrival of footballs worth $100,000, funded through the FIFA Forward programme, aimed at enhancing Colts Football across the nation, platinumnewsng.com is reporting

The GFA announced its plans to distribute these footballs to Colts Clubs through the Regional Football Associations (RFAs), further supporting the growth and organization of youth football.

This initiative, announced by GFA President Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku during the 29th Session of the GFA Congress, is part of a broader strategy to nurture young talent and strengthen the foundation of football in Ghana. The GFA will soon facilitate the collection of these footballs from the port, preparing for their distribution to the RFAs, which will in turn ensure they reach the Colts Clubs in their respective regions.

The RFAs are expected to receive an invitation to the GFA Secretariat to collect their allocation of footballs, which will be utilized by the Colts Clubs across various regions. This distribution aims to directly support the clubs involved in the Colts Leagues, catering to age groups under 13, under 15, and under 17, with the footballs provided in sizes 4 and 5 accordingly.

In addition to the physical resources provided, the GFA, under the leadership of Simeon-Okraku, is implementing several policies to bolster grassroots football. Among these initiatives is the introduction of the National Juvenile Awards, aimed at recognizing and honouring the top performers within the Colts Leagues. This move not only seeks to motivate young footballers but also to highlight the importance of youth development in Ghanaian football.

The allocation of $100,000 from the FIFA Forward programme for the purchase of these footballs shows the commitment of both the GFA and FIFA to the development of football at the grassroots level in Ghana. Through such interventions, the GFA aims to ensure that young talents are given the necessary resources and platforms to develop, potentially paving their way to professional football careers and contributing to the sport’s growth in the country.

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