• Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

MSPL 2022 Leader Airpop Alpha,Airpop Falcons Get Faiza Rhobes Jackets For Gala Night 

Mindgames Scrabble Premier League (MSPL) Division A league leader Airpop Alpha and their sister club in Division B Airpop Falcons have secured the services of top celebrity clothiers Faiza Rhobes ahead of the Finale.

The flamboyant clubs owned by Adekoyejo “Sheikh” Adegbesan will have their players dressed speciallly in blazers designed by the apparel firm.

It’s also understood that the stylish apparel designed by Faiza Rhobes will be unveiled at the Award/Gala Night which comes up this Saturday after the conclusion of games.

The casual wear is expected to add some panache and give the team an extra edge ahead of the games.

While the details around the colour and other specifications are yet to be revealed to the public, the quality of the apparel according to the Ogun State Scrabble Association boss, matched the prestige and vision the Airpop management is known for.

This kitting arrangement has already sparked some excitement among the players who believe it would serve as an extra-motivation to win the title for the first time.

Airpop Alpha currently top the Division A table with 26 wins and 10 defeats.

It would be recalled that another apparel, Nigeria Lagos SW10 styled both teams before they posted some encouraging performance last season. 

The MSPL remains the most glamorous scrabble league and would serve as a preparatory ground for Team Nigeria players ahead of the  Africa Scrabble Championship (ASC) which holds this month in Zambia.

Nigeria remains the No. 1 scrabble playing nation in the world.

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