• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

No inheritance from the LMC, NFF owns the NPFL -Gbenga Elegbeleye

By Taiwo Adeyinka

The Chairman of the Nigeria Premier League, the adminstrative company in charge of the Nigeria Premier Football league, Hon. Gbenga Elegbeleye has confirmed the independency of the league stating there was no inheritance from the previous administrators, platinumnewsng.com is reporting.

In an interview, Elegbeleye responded to questions from Barrister Kelechi Nweke’s on the NPFL’s possible inheritance of assets or liabilities from the now defunct League Management Company.

“We did not inherit any liability or asset from the LMC. The only thing we got from them was when they wrote to the NFF saying we cannot relate with any of their sponsors including Central Bank of Nigeria, and we agreed not to do that except only when talking about legality.” Elegbeleye explained.

He further explained that the Nigeria Premier Football League is a legal body which is officially recognized by the Nigerian Football Federation.

“NFF owns the League. The league is a property of the Nigerian Football Federation.” He added.

Adding to the aforementioned ownership of the league by theNFF, he elaborated on the involvement of the NFF in the league.

“The NFF have the right to constitute the kind of league they want. They can even, in their secretariat, assign staff to manage the league which was not done with the NLO and the NNL in the past. We got a letter from them, we are legally registered with C.A.C.”

The Nigeria Premier Football League is legal, independent and owned by the NFF.

“So if anyone wants to go to the court on this issue, we are ready for that.” Elegbeleye concluded.

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