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Propel Sports Reveals Exciting Development for NPFL

ByJokanola Bolaji

Jul 31, 2023

Ahead of the 2023/24 Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) season, the league’s TV broadcast partner, Properl Sports has unveiled plans to introduce a dedicated signature tune for the top-flight league.

According to Basil Kabbani speaking for Propel Sports on a Twitter Space with Mike the Pundit, the decision is aimed at adding a touch of grandeur and fostering a unique identity for the NPFL, much like the iconic UEFA Champions League anthem.

The unveiling of this special musical piece is set to enhance the league’s overall viewing experience and establish a distinctive audio identity that resonates with football enthusiasts across Nigeria. The NPFL signature tune is expected to become an unforgettable melody that ignites passion and anticipation among fans, players, and club officials alike.

In light of the NPFL’s return with live streaming of matches, accessible on mobile devices nationwide and beyond, the introduction of this unique signature tune promises to elevate the league’s viewing experience to new heights.

Coverage of the 2023/24 season, according to Propel Sports will be enabled by the world’s most advanced AI technology, adding that the NPFL would be the first league in Africa to deploy the technology.

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