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Sabina Chikere Chess Sequence 25 Crowns Champions with Cash Prize

Sports Commission Encourages Youth to Embrace Chess And Education

It was a day filled with electrifying displays of strategic brilliance and intense mental prowess at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium as the FIDE rated Sabina Amiemenoghena Chikere Chess Sequence 25 concluded with triumphant winners claiming the coveted cash prize.

The exhilarating competition showcased the immense talent and dedication of chess players from across the region, leaving spectators in awe of the strategic acumen displayed by members of the Life and Chess Club.

Convener, Princess Omoyemwen Adeyinka-Afolabi presenting cash prize to first Runner Up of the Opens Category

Held at the prestigious Media Center of the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the participants engaged in a battle of minds, their focus and determination palpable. The tournament which was a seven round swiss event with a time control of 15+5 seconds attracted both seasoned chess veterans and promising newcomers, each vying for glory and the substantial cash prize that awaited the ultimate victors.

As the players exhibited their tactical master plan, the Sabina Amiemenoghena Chikere Chess Sequence 25 took on an even greater significance with the presence of the Edo Sports Commission permanent secretary, Mrs Sabina Chikere who the tournament is named after.

Recognizing the inherent value of chess as a sport that nurtures critical thinking, decision-making, and mental agility, Mrs Sabina took the opportunity to encourage young individuals to take up chess and their education seriously.

Mrs Sabina Amiemenoghena Chikere addressing the Chess players.

“I’m happy to associate with Life and Chess Club, especially those that give back to the community.

“Edo state government is trying to combine sport and education because of the short span of sport, that’s why Edo State is merging education and sport as well as career. We encourage you to marry and manage the two.

“I encourage you and everyone involved in this project, don’t leave it alone to the government. We need to put all hands on deck.” She said.

After several gruelling rounds of intense competition, the final matches delivered spine-tingling moments of brilliance and tactical genius. The players showcased their ability to calculate multiple moves ahead, demonstrating their deep understanding of the intricacies of the game.

Adeyinka-Afolabi Olakunle, Under 10 Category

Emerging triumphant amidst fierce competition were Uba Efe and Umukoro Winifred, who claimed the top spots in the respective men’s and women’s categories. Their skill, strategic acuity, and unwavering focus propelled them to victory, earning them not only the admiration of their peers but also a handsome cash prize of N30,000. There were also winners from the U-14 level and U-10 level.

Under 14 Male Winner, Akinrogunde Divine

Adeyinka-Afolabi Olakunle won gold in the male category of the U-10 while Adeyinka-Afolabi Erinayo emerged victor with gold in the female category.

(L-R) Shadrach Christian, Akinrogunde Divine represent ing Erhunmwunse David, (Bronze) Olakunle Aisosa Adeyinka-Afolabi (Gold), Erinayo Uyimwen Adeyinka-Afolabi (Gold) Iyiriaro Ikponmwonsa(Silver) Mrs. Iyiriaro. Under 10 winners

The U-14s saw Akinrogunde Divine and Shadrach, Iniobong win gold in female and male categories respectively.

Ilaboya Delight, Under 14 Female Category.

The Sequence 25 also saw a free medical check up for sports men and sports women tagged ‘GoodHealthForGold’ at the stadium. The event’s success, coupled with the Sports Commission’s endorsement, is expected to invigorate the local chess community, inspiring a new generation to embrace the game and strive for excellence.

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