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Many British football clubs involved in European club engagements have been told they would not be allowed to play “God Save The King” across several match centres before European matches this week although some of these clubs are planning to ignore the order and go on with what they have earlier planned.

There have been several begging and pleading made by British clubs to UEFA in the last few days to please allow the “God Save the King anthem” to be played across stadias, but the governing body of European Football “UEFA” is understood to have turned a blind eye to the requests, this is according to MailPlus

Chelsea Football Club and Glasgow Rangers, both of which have strong ties  with the Royal Family, are said to be among the clubs that vehemently asked to be granted permission ahead of their respective UEFA Champions League matches on Wednesday night.

The mascot of Chelsea Football Club, the Chelsea Pensioners, are closely linked to the Royal Hospital that is located in West London and it was found by King Charled II in 1682.

Glasgow Rangers on their own path obviously have strong links running through history and their former manager Graeme Souness revealed this week that he had a portrait of the Queen placed in the home dressing room when he took the mantle of the coaching role at the Scottish club.

And these are part of the reasons why they are planning to go against the order sounded by UEFA.

Also put in place was a minute of silence to be observed in honour of Queen Elizabeth the second in West Ham United battle to Steaua Bucharest following the Queen’s death last Thursday.

Many other British clubs might also decide to follow in that line but they should remember that stiffer fines might be imposed on them.

UEFA has made it known that it has gotten several requests regarding the anthem, but said it strongly maintains it stance and wishes to remain consistent across all match centres in the United Kingdom definitely implying that no anthems will be sang or played other than the UEFA Champions League hymn.

It comes as EFL clubs who will also return to the field will play the national anthem ahead of their matches scheduled for tonight.

All football matches across the Football League and the non-league system were cancelled across the United Kingdom this past weekend.

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