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Victor Sochima opens up on his Journey, Dreams and Life Beyond Football

Goalkeeper of Rivers United, Victor Sochima is a player with aspirations and dreams. In a recent interview during a player/journalists interaction session hosted by Ekiti based journalist, Adeleye Gbenga on Saturday evening, on Nigerian Football WhatsApp group “Naija Footballers Forum” he opened up about his career, dreams, and life outside of football.

When asked about his post-football aspirations, Victor expressed the common desire of many sport person to secure a comfortable and prosperous future. He revealed that settling abroad is a preference for him, with Cairo, Egypt, holding a special appeal due to its rich history and authenticity. He also went on to mention Cristiano Ronaldo as the greatest player of all time.

The conversation then turned to personal matters, with Victor disclosing that his dream girl is none other than his wife. He expressed his deep appreciation for her acceptance and love, emphasizing the importance of her presence in his life.

Reflecting on his childhood dreams, Victor shared that he once contemplated white-collar jobs such as banking and envisioned becoming a successful businessman. However, he acknowledged that the gift of football altered his path and provided him with a career.

As for his biggest dream, Victor is resolute in wanting to change the narrative of his family and achieve the dreams that his late father was unable to fulfill.

Speaking on sports brands, Victor has a fondness for Adidas but has recently developed a liking for Puma. When it comes to memorable stadiums, he emphasized the exceptional experience he had while playing at Wydad Casablanca’s home ground in Morocco, describing it as “top-notch.”

Finally, the interview delved into Victor’s interests beyond football. He revealed his passion for table tennis and volleyball, adding that he was an accomplished sprinter during his school days.

Victor Sochima’s interview provides a view into the life, dreams, and aspirations of a football player who aspires to make an impact on and off the pitch.

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