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World Athletics unveils Budapest 2023 medals

World Athletics

The medals of the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 have been unveiled, with 11 days to go until the competition begins. The event’s organisers, who have already incorporated several distinctive features into the organisational work, aimed to ensure the medals were truly one-of-a-kind.

The design of the medals was driven by a focus on uniqueness and originality. Deviating from traditional medal designs, the emphasis was placed on representing the host country and capturing the essence of a sporting nation.

On one side of the medals, the central figure is the logo of the WCH Budapest 23: the Statue of Liberty atop Gellért Hill, a prominent and recognisable landmark in Budapest. Standing at a towering height of 14 metres, this charismatic female figure can be seen from various corners of the city, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. The palm branch grasped in the statue’s hand has long been a symbol of glory, victory and enlightenment, dating back to ancient times. It serves as a tribute to past athletes and their remarkable achievements.

The reverse side of the medals carries a dual meaning. At the forefront, the brand new National Athletics Centre, resembling a crown-like structure, stands as the venue for the World Championships. In the background, the race track serves as the backdrop, where athletics superheroes will etch their names into history.

“It was imperative that our medals connect sports, heroism and national identity. Moreover, all three coaches of the podium finishers will also receive medals,” said Balázs Németh, CEO of the LOC.

The craftsmanship behind these medals reveals meticulous attention to detail. Crafted from a unique brass alloy, each medal is plated in gold, silver or bronze. The medals’ total composition consists of a staggering 140kg of precious metal and a ribbon spanning 450 metres. The comprehensive process, from initial design to the final touch of tape sewing, culminates in more than 3000 hours of combined effort.

Naturally, sustainability was also a significant factor during the planning phase: the medal packaging comprises responsibly sourced forestry raw materials, weighing a total of 146kg. The distinctive metal case makes the World Championships’ medals truly exceptional. The designers utilised excess material from the race track at the National Athletics Centre to line the box.

Adding to the allure of the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 is the innovative Medal Plaza, where the medal ceremonies will take place before the sessions each day. This is the first time that the athletes are celebrated outside of the stadium.

The Medal Plaza also serves as a vibrant hub of entertainment. With daily live music, captivating performances and a range of engaging activities, it stands as a dynamic showcase of the World Championships’ festive spirit.

The World Athletics Championships Budapest 23, set to commence on 19 August, promises to show the world a true celebration of sport on a unique stage and welcomes everybody who wishes to witness the wonder.

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