• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Perhaps, this writer is tired of thinking, that the absurd moves taken by the Nigerian league despite the league being shrouded in vacillation even make things worse.

The Nigerian Premier Football League (NPFL) made headlines again not about its unknown resumption date but because only users of MTN will be able to stream the nation’s top-flight league.

The deal, touted as ‘exclusive,’ has raised concerns, even this writer is quite confused about the inclusivity and access for fans who are not MTN subscribers.

While the collaboration promises to bring the ‘excitement of NPFL matches to fans’ fingertips,’ it seems to have missed an opportunity to clarify the terms of this exclusivity.

According to multiple reports making the rounds, “Only MTN subscribers can access the LIVE games on the NPFL LIVE App. Other network subscribers will have access to the delayed highlights.” This lack of transparency from Propel Sports and the league organisers leaves many questions unanswered, and fans are left wondering about the true scope of this partnership.

The potential of the NPFL x MTN Deal is undeniably promising, as it aims to broadcast eight live games each weekend, totalling over 300 games per season. Also, in-and-post-game highlights will be delivered in real-time exclusively to MTN subscribers through the NPFL Live OTT platform.

This promises an immersive experience for MTN users but raises concerns about the remaining fans who are not users of MTN. For a league not widely followed across the country, the League Organisers are actively trying to circumscribe the limited followers of the league. We might end up seeing a situation that alienates a significant portion of NPFL fans who are not MTN subscribers.

One noteworthy aspect of this collaboration is the partnership between the NPFL and Propel Sports, resulting in the launch of the NPFL LIVE App. This platform will be the primary source for streaming NPFL games this season, with an ambitious target of streaming over 300 games. While this sounds exciting, the exclusivity raises concerns about the accessibility of the app to non-MTN users.

Before this writer drops his pen, it is important to note that while the NPFL x MTN deal holds great potential for elevating Nigerian football to new heights, it leaves many unanswered questions regarding inclusivity and access by non-MTN users.

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