• Sat. May 25th, 2024

ASO Chlefs Goalkeeper, Mohamed Alaouchiche Says Referees had a great game, confident his team can advance

Mohamed Alaouchiche, the goalkeeper of Association Sportive Olympique de Chlef (ASO Chlef), who played in Saturday evening’s CAF Confederations Cup preliminary round match against Bendel Insurance FC, expressed confidence in his team’s prospects for advancing to the next round. Despite a 1-0 loss in the first leg, Alaouchiche remains optimistic about their chances.

Mohamed who addressed the media after yesterday’s game, heaped praise on the home team, calling them a great them. He blamed the outcome of the game on the lack of enough time for his team to train and acclimatise to the Weather in Nigeria.

The former RC Arbaâ goalkeeper spoke confidently about his team’s chances of qualifying for e next round. He said through an interpreter, Wole Opatola: “We have absolute confidence, 100% without a doubt on our team that when we go back to Algeria, we’re going to upturn the result. It’s no doubt at all. We respect our opposition, but we believe that this 1-0 scoreline was a good result for us because when we get home, we’re going to upturn the result.”

When asked his thoughts about the officiating, he said, “We believe the referees had a great game, except for one occasion in our penalty area, otherwise, the referees had a great game.”


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