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CHECKMATE: Edo FA 14 Days Scorecard

It has been a fortnight since the inauguration of the new Edo Football Association (FA) board led by Mr. Fred Newton, and the early actions of the board will be reviewed by this writer. The promise of hitting the ground running made by Fred Newton 14 days ago, puts the recently sworn-in board under scrutiny.

While two weeks have elapsed since Fred Newton assumed office alongside his board, questions linger about critical matters such as the schedule for the bye-election to fill the remaining slot available to Edo North in the board. However, the FA chairman is yet to make a public announcement regarding this election.

Observers (not Edo-based newspaper) will also note that the Edo FA board should have had ample time to appoint committee boards by now, but no appointments have been made public. This writer will however keep his cool as It’s important to exercise patience, considering that managing the Edo FA is not a full-time occupation for all involved.

Another point of concern to this writer is the clarity of the newly installed board’s agenda. While each member might have articulated their manifesto, a unified plan or agenda outlining the direction and objectives of the administration is yet to be presented. This brings to question where the Edo FA board is headed. Let’s not forget that the agenda will serve as a benchmark to evaluate the board’s performance at the conclusion of their tenure.

Nonetheless, despite these initial observations, there is an air of optimism surrounding the new Edo FA board. This optimism is fueled by several innovative ideas that have been introduced within this short period. According to gathered information, the Edo FA board has forged partnerships with approximately three companies, albeit only one has been publicly disclosed.

The revealed partnership involves a collaboration with a US-based tech company named GreenBii. This partnership aims to provide 100 clubs in Edo State with websites. These websites are expected to streamline player data management and facilitate seamless communication among the clubs, a move applauded in today’s digital age. Concerns may arise regarding the maintenance of these websites in the long run. While the creation is underway, sustaining regular updates and preventing the sites from becoming obsolete remains uncertain.

Overall, there’s a sense of encouragement regarding the initial and commendable steps made by the Edo FA board. Yet, the public impatiently awaits to witness the steps and decisions that will unfold in the days to come with the state FA Cup just around the corner.

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