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Choice FC Expelled from Nationwide League One

ByJokanola Bolaji

Jul 19, 2023

The Nigeria Nationwide League One (NLO) has taken a firm stance on the withdrawal of Choice FC from the ongoing league, citing the negative impact it has had on the integrity of the competition and the other participating clubs.

The NLO Secretariat received the coordinator and officials’ report from the Akure centre, revealing that Choice FC had voluntarily withdrawn from the league without any prior notification or reason.

The expulsion of Choice FC from the Nationwide League One stems from the clear rules and regulations outlined in the NLO guidelines. According to section 2.06(4), once the season has commenced, no club is permitted to withdraw. The consequences of such withdrawal are explicit: the club will be expelled from the competition and rendered ineligible for readmission.

In addition to the expulsion of Choice FC, the NLO Secretariat has also imposed a two-year ban on all officials registered with the club. This decision aims to maintain the integrity of the league and serve as a deterrent for any future withdrawals without valid reasons or proper notification.

The Nationwide League One Secretariat intends to communicate this decision to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for a nationwide ban on Choice FC and to ensure the matter is brought to the attention of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and FIFA, the governing bodies of football at the continental and global levels, respectively.

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