• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Fred Newton: Digital Mind in a Fitted Container – The Needed Catalyst for a New Edo FA

The world of sports administration has become dynamic with the winds of change often blowing through with the promise of rejuvenation. In Edo State, a figure has emerged on the scene, ready to harness the power of digital innovation and transformative leadership to revitalize the state’s football association.

His name is Fred Newton, a man with a vision and a digital mind perfectly suited for the task.

Fred Newton’s journey into the world of sports administration is marked by an impressive array of credentials and a commitment to fostering growth. His involvement in various committees and tournaments reflects his dedication to the football community in Edo State.

If we forget his contributions, a laudable chapter of his journey in sports administration was his role as a member of the Medical team for the Local Organizing Committee of the National Sports Festival in Edo in 2020. His contribution to the success of this grand event underscored his commitment to sports excellence.

Fred Newton’s leadership qualities shine through his roles as Chairman of the Organizing Committee for various events, including the Benson Idahosa University Annual Cultural Carnival and the FROT Group Champion of Champions South South Federation Cup in 2016. These experiences honed his organizational skills and demonstrated his ability to orchestrate successful sports gatherings.

His contributions also extend to the grassroots level, where he coordinated Edo State Delegates for Super Eagles Future Stars tournaments and served as Vice Chairman for the Edo State Football Association Award Night in 2016. His dedication to nurturing young talent and celebrating football achievements is evident.

Fred Newton’s extensive experience in sports administration is further enriched by his academic background. With a Master’s degree in Administration and Planning from Benson Idahosa University and ongoing studies in Sports Management at the University of Benin, he combines practical knowledge with academic insight.

As a former Member of the Edo State Football Association and his involvement with the Association of Nigeria University Professionals Administrators (ANUPA), Fred Newton possesses the administrative acumen required for effective leadership.

His role as South-South Zonal Coordinator for African Coaches Connect (ACC) showcases his commitment to networking within the sports community. Fred Newton understands the value of teamwork and unity in advancing sports in Edo State.

It is the 21st century and it is a rapidly evolving digital age, Fred Newton’s digital mind stands as a beacon of hope for Edo State’s football association. With his deep knowledge of sports analytics, commitment to ethical practices, and a forward-thinking approach, he holds the potential to usher in a new era of innovation and growth.

As he steps forward to contest for the position of Edo State FA Chairman, Fred Newton’s candidacy represents a promising opportunity for positive change. His vision, experience, and digital mind make him the needed catalyst for a rejuvenated Edo FA, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

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