• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Life and Chess Club To Hold Sabina Chikere Chess Sequence 25 Event

The renowned Life and Chess Club is all set to host the long-awaited FIDE-rated Sabina Amiemenoghena Chikere Chess Sequence 25 event on the 12th of June at the prestigious Samuel Ogbemudia Station in Benin City.

The Sabina Amiemenoghena Chikere Chess Sequence 25 will feature rapid time control, with each match lasting for 15 minutes and 5 seconds. This fast-paced format ensures intense gameplay and electrifying moments as players strive to outmanoeuvre their opponents on the chessboard.

Chess enthusiasts from all around Edo State have been invited to participate in this thrilling competition. Registration for the event which is still open, with a nominal fee of three thousand Naira will grant players a chance to secure their spot. However, due to limited slots, interested players have been encouraged to register as soon as possible to avoid missing out on this exciting opportunity.

As an added incentive, the tournament offers attractive cash prizes for the winners. The first-place victor will be awarded N30,000, followed by N20,000 for the second-place finisher and N10,000 for the third-place finisher. In addition to the cash prizes, all winners will receive well-deserved medals in recognition of their exceptional performances. Furthermore, every participant will receive certificates to commemorate their participation in this prestigious event.

The Life and Chess Club has a reputation for organizing high-quality chess tournaments that bring together players of various skill levels. The Sabina Amiemenoghena Chikere Chess Sequence 25 promises to be no exception, offering a platform for chess enthusiasts to showcase their talent, test their skills, and foster a spirit of healthy competition.

Chess, known as the “game of kings,” is celebrated for its ability to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning abilities. The Life and Chess Club aims to promote these qualities among players, while also providing an enjoyable and engaging experience for all participants and spectators.

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