• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Coach of Bendel Insurance, Monday Odigie jas voiced strong support for the appointment of Finidi George as the head coach of the Super Eagles.

Speaking after the Benin Arsenal 1-0 victory over Abeokuta Stormers in the round of 64 of the President’s FA Cup, Odigie endorsement came with a patriotic reflection on the merits of domestic spirit in world football.

Odigie, long known for his belief in the importance of national pride in coaching, pointed out an interesting fact in international football:

“No foreign coach has ever won the World Cup for a country,” he said.

“I have always been an advocate of the saying that no one can love your country better than you,” Odigie remarked

Using such observation to accentuate the potential benefits of appointing indigenous coaches like Finidi George, who not only understand the dynamics of Nigerian football but also share a deep-rooted passion and love for their country.

Finidi who currently coaches Enyimba International in the Nigeria Premier Football League, was recently appointed as coach of the Nigeria Male National Team.

The FIFA World Cup has only been won by eight nations, many of which had never contemplated appointing a foreign head coach during the earlier tournaments. Moreover, the nations that have secured World Cup victories traditionally boast of strong domestic leagues and a high calibre of players, suggesting that these countries are also likely to develop top-tier head coaches.

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