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Napoli releases statement on Tiktok Video involving Victor Osimhen

Italian Serie A club, Napoli has issued a formal statement in response to the recent controversy surrounding a TikTok video featuring their striker, Victor Osimhen, platinumnewsng.com is reporting.

The video depicted Osimhen with a comically high voice requesting a penalty during a match against Bologna, which he subsequently missed.

In the statement on the club’s website, Napoli clarified that they never intended to offend or mock Osimhen, emphasizing that he is a valuable asset to the club. They pointed out that during the summer transfer window, the club rejected all offers for Osimhen’s transfer abroad, highlighting their commitment to the player.

“Calcio Napoli, wishing to avoid any exploitation of the issue, point out that we never wanted to offend or mock Victor Osimhen, who is a treasure of this club”.

“As proof of that, during the summer training retreat, the Club firmly rebuffed every offer that was received for the striker’s transfer abroad”. The statement read.

The club also explained that social media platforms like TikTok often use a light-hearted and creative style of expression, with no intention of insulting or ridiculing players. Napoli acknowledged that if Osimhen perceived any offense, it was not their intention.

“Social media, in particular TikTok, has always used an expressive form of language with a light heart and creativity, without wanting to, as in the case with Osimhen as protagonist, have any intention of insult or derision”.

“In any case, if Victor perceived any offence towards him, this was not what the club intended”.

While the statement clarifies Napoli’s stance, it falls short of a formal apology, leaving the situation somewhat unresolved.

Osimhen did play and score in Napoli’s recent Serie A victory over Udinese, but it remains to be seen how this statement will affect the ongoing relationship between the player and the club.

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