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Not from the family! Broderick’s family frown at unauthorized publication on their behalf

As against the publications making rounds about the health status and abandonment by the ministry of sports and the Nigeria Football Federation of the former Golden Eaglet gaffer, Sebastian Brodericks-Imasuen, the Imasue Family on Wednesday, January 18 released a family press statement to clarify any false allegations and unauthorized moves concerning the ailing Octogenarian.

Recall that a story about the health status of the former football tactician was published where an individual claimed the Sports ministry and NFF are yet to attend to them despite their plea, however, the family on Wednesday have come up with a statement to further clarify the situation.

In a press release signed by Mr. Sunday Dominic Udinyiwe, who stands as the head of the family in the absence of Brodericks, the general public is advised of falling victim to scams in the process of assisting the Golden Coach.

“The family is yet to contact the government through the Football Federation because it is yet to reach a consensus on that.”

“Of the truth, Sabara has struggled with his health in the last couple of years, being a diabetic patient. His situation deteriorated last December, necessitating his movement to the hospital where he is currently responding to treatment.”

“The family, having met has appointed Sunday Dominic Udinyiwe as the official spokesperson of the family. He alone is authorised to speak to and communicate with government officials, the general public etc on any matter concerning the affairs of Coach Sebastian Broderick-Imasuen.”

“The general public is hereby advised to disregard any information emanating from any source except that emanating from our spokesperson; Sunday Donmnic Udinyiwe.”

To further substantiate the Press Release, Brodericks’ daughter, Adesuwa Otu-Imasuen in a phone conversation with Platinum News Wednesday evening said it was an unfortunate occurrence that some individuals have decided to paint the image of the family in the public as against their moral standing.

“We got to wake up in the morning to see write-ups on the internet about my dad and it was very embarrassing. For truth, my dad has been ill and we wanted to reach out to the government, but we are not beggars and we know how to go through the proper channels which we are working on.”

“But unfortunately, what happened yesterday happened and the family met to resolve it so that people don’t start going on the internet and start giving account numbers to extort people.”

“Mr Dominic is my uncle and since my father who is the head of the family is incapacitated, Mr Dominic had to step in as the immediate person after my Dad – this is to clarify any talks that may rise in the future.”

“Whoever must have gone to the media hasn’t done that on behalf of the family and that was very embarrassing. I called on the family to meet so that something can be done to quench this thrash that’s on the internet because the next thing you will see is account details flying around to extort people, that’s why we came up with this.”

“My dad is ill and we have been taking care of him and at the same time, we are taking the right channels to the necessary authorities,” Adesuwa added.

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