• Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

When this writer picks up his pen, it often seems like he is about to lament the woes of Nigerian sports. But this time, dear reader, this writer is excited as the puzzle pieces are beginning to come together.

The league organisers of the top-flight, Nigeria Premier League (NPL) have once again postponed, and this writer is quite happy with the reason provided by the league organizers.

The delay is due to the logistical challenge of getting the Chairman and Club leaders from Ibadan to Uyo, even though only two teams are playing in Ibadan.

“We had everything ready for the kickoff in Ibadan on Saturday, but we received numerous representations from various stakeholders, and the most compelling one is the supposed complex logistics of getting our Chairman and Club leaders to travel from Ibadan to Uyo,” explained Owumi during a Press briefing.

From this statement, one can gather that all preparations were in place for the league to resume: stadium accreditations, training and briefing of match officials, installation of the “First In Africa AI camera,” officials’ training, the distribution of match balls, and everything else required for the season’s start. That means we are ready to go but the AGM is the only obstacle. So, this writer just needs to be patient and optimistic.

This time, this writer will swallow all Davidson Owumi said, hook, line, sinker, fisherman and boat. So, when a new date is announced, we can rest assured that our beloved full-format league will finally make its triumphant return to action hopefully before December.

Jokanola Bolaji

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