• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Osun Ambulance Services Agency, also known as O-Ambulance has teamed up with Osun State Football Association to provide emergency medical services for football activities across the state.

In a bid to improve and ensure prompt and quality health services delivery to the good people of Osun State to reduce death from road traffic accidents and also to ensure smooth referral services between the various levels of health institutions, the Osun State Government, in 2013 introduced the state ambulance services under the name, ‘Osun Ambulance Services Agency’ popularly known as “O Ambulance”
Osun ‘O’ Ambulance, General Manager, Mr. Mukaila Olapade said his agency is delighted to work with Osun FA to provide emergency medical services for football games across the state.

“We are established to provide support services for our people wherever they need us. Just provide the weekly schedule of your games to us early enough and we will serve you,” he promised.

Sola Fanawopo, Chairman of Osun Football Association expressed the appreciation of the football stakeholders in the state to the management and staff of the agency for the gesture.

“We are delighted with this support and promise to make judicious use of the opportunity,” he submitted.

With 450+ Clubs, 1000+ Teams, 15+ Leagues, 400+ grassroots coaches, 16,000+ Players, 13+ Referee Societies, and 300+ Referees, Osun State is the King of grassroots football in Nigeria.

Founded in 1991, Osun FA is responsible for providing the support structure that enables players, volunteers, coaches, and referees to develop individually or as part of a club or league.

The ambulance will be on the ground at match venues as the Osun State Football League commences in the first quarter of 2024.

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