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Tournament Preview: Platinum Cup Favourites, Underdogs and Winners

The stage is set for an epic battle as 13 teams vie for the chance to be crowned the first-ever champion of the Platinum Cup which kicks off in less than 12 hours.

From spellbinding spellcasters to fierce fighters, every competitor possesses a unique set of talents and abilities that they will unleash in the field. Teams have trained for weeks, honing their skills and perfecting their craft, in preparation for this momentous occasion.

The stakes are high, and the pressure is on, as these formidable opponents face off in a series of intense challenges. Each match promises to be a breathtaking display of athleticism, strategy, and sheer willpower as the participants will give their all for glory and the chance to be remembered as the first champion of the Maiden Tournament.

In this preview, alongside in-house analyst, David Adesina, we take a look at the teams who are itching for glory in the pre-season scouting tournament.

Tournament Favourites

Speaking to the press about the draws, the coach of Benin Warriors, Coach Nelson Dafe admitted the strength of Benin City Youth League champions, BJ FC and runners-up, Rolly FC as teams tournament favourites die to their recent success in grassroots tournaments as well as the NLO. Although both teams are placed in Group A, they will likely be the first teams to make it out of the group stage and potentially go on to win the tournament but in football, anything is possible, and these two teams might not end up winners. Benin Warriors,

Founded in 2015, Dynamo Academica is not new to grassroots football in Edo State. Finishing fourth behind BJ FC, Rolly and Rockers, Dynamo Academica will pride themselves as tournament favourites. Another team is on the lookout as tournament favourites us Eagle Wings.

Tournament Underdogs

While Benin’s best will certainly draw the attention of audiences, what of the more unheralded teams? Everyone loves a good underdog as we look out for teams that will potentially cause major upsets in this tourney.

Florence Joshua will be a team others will be wary of, the visiting team who arrived in Benin on Tuesday, will be playing the opening game. Not familiar with the Benin turf, oppositions will be careful around them as not much is known about them to the 12 local sides.

Another tournament underdog in this scouting tournament is St. Andrews Foundation. ‘The Samba Boys’ as they are fondly known will hope to take the tournament by storm in other to establish its name.

If Ine Stars can get a result in two of their clashes with a struggling Milan side, the dream of progression to the knockout rounds may become a reality for the Benin side. All hands will have to be on deck if they hope to go far.


The biggest winners from the pre-season scouting tournament will be teams who field their best talents on the field of play despite the opponent’s capability as scouts from all over the country will be on the ground to pick the best legs.

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