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When PDP changes to APC and vice versa, it always leads to Team crisis – Ilechukwu

New Head coach of Rangers International, Fidelis Ilechukwu, has explained the reason for his sudden departure from his previous club, Plateau United citing political differences between the former administration of Plateau State.

Known for his successful stint at MFM FC, where he achieved remarkable results, Ilechukwu expressed his fondness for Plateau United in an exclusive interview with Premium Times, highlighting the love he received from the management and the overall comfort he experienced while at the club. However, he revealed that the team’s fate was closely intertwined with the ever-changing political landscape in Nigeria.

Ilechukwu lamented the detrimental effects that arise when the ruling party changes in the state where the club is based. He explained,

“When PDP changes to APC and vice versa, it always leads to a crisis in the team, and the crisis will affect the technical area and adviser, which will lead to a change in the leadership of the club.”

These political transitions often result in instability within the club, affecting the technical staff and ultimately leading to changes in the leadership structure. Ilechukwu, cognizant of the impact such instability could have on his coaching role, decided to seek a more stable environment to continue his career.

Also, the 45-year-old manager expressed concerns about Plateau United’s failure to appoint a General Manager, a vital position responsible for overseeing the club’s operations. The absence of a designated manager with a solid understanding of the game raised doubts for Ilechukwu, who did not want to commit to a contract without clarity on who would be steering the club’s affairs.

“At my level in football, what if I sign and someone who cares less about the project assumes a position? What will happen?” The coach emphasized.

Ilechukwu’s reservations were rooted in the potential risk of his efforts being undermined by an individual lacking the necessary expertise and passion for the sport.

While financial considerations were not the primary motive behind his departure, Ilechukwu acknowledged that Plateau United possessed financial resources. However, he prioritized avoiding the potential adverse effects of political differences and sought a team that operated as a cohesive and stable unit.

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