• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Yucateco Boxing Promotions Progress Earns Okugbe’s Praises

With the success recorded by the leading Boxing Promotions outfit in Nigeria so far, the Chief Operating Officer of Sportsville Mathew Okugbe, has extolled the CEO of Yucateco Boxing Promotions Hon. Omonlei Yakubu Imadu for his giant strides in boxing development in Nigeria. Okugbe stated this in a courtesy visit to the Yucateco Headquarters In Lagos.

The ace sports journalist said the visit became necessary following the enormous investment Yucateco has made in the development of grassroots boxing in Nigeria.

“Sincerely Mr. Imadu deserves a national honor based on what he’s doing for boxing in Nigeria, he caught the attention of several of us in the sports media when he staged the first-ever boxing league in Nigeria in 2023, the reason we have kept tabs on his activities thus far”

“What I have seen here will rapidly improve the state of boxing in the country if the sports ministry and other boxing stakeholders can leverage the expertise and facilities being put in place by Yucateco”

“On the verge of completion here at the Yucateco headquarters in Ikorodu is a first-of-it-kind boxing gymnasium in the country, this facility amongst others visibly in operation here is what our nation needs to get back to its glory days in boxing; structures and templates of this nature are mostly found in top European countries and it will be of great benefit to have one in Nigeria”

Okugbe further urged Yucateco Boxing Promotions not to give room for distractors or those with other knavery intentions that could derail their cause to change the phase of boxing in Nigeria.

The Yucateco Boxing national open trials will be held at the National Stadium Lagos from the 24th to the 26th of May, while Season 2 of the YucatBoxingxing is slated to commence in June 2024.

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