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CSR: What is the NFF/NPL doing?

ByJokanola Bolaji

Aug 30, 2023 , ,

The banter between Nigeria and Ghana has long been a source of amusement for both nations. Yet, amidst the playful exchanges, a deeper issue looms—one country is growing while the other is spiralling downwards.

On Monday night, this writer was just surfing the internet when he discovered the Ghana Football Association’s (GFA) commitment to helping clubs and players through an initiative that underscores its dedication to corporate social responsibility. This writer finds it rather perplexing that while the GFA has taken a stride forward, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) appears to lag in providing adequate support to its clubs.

The recent announcement that the GFA has procured football boots to distribute among Premier League Clubs for the upcoming 2023/24 season is indeed praiseworthy. The GFA’s promise to allocate thirty pairs of football boots to each of the eighteen betPawa Premier League clubs and forty-eight Access Bank Division One League clubs showcases a tangible effort to help the clubs.

For this writer, a pertinent question arises: What parallel actions have the Nigeria Football Federation and the Nigeria Premier League undertaken to give back to the clubs participating in their leagues? The GFA’s dedication to ensuring players have the necessary gear to perform at their best reflects a broader sentiment of investing in the nation’s football future. This gesture signifies more than mere philanthropy; it represents a strategic approach to elevating the overall quality of the game within the country.

While the friendly back-and-forth between Nigeria and Ghana continues to provide entertainment, it is crucial for the NFF and the Nigeria Premier League to take note of the strides made by their Ghanaian counterparts. The GFA’s commitment to providing resources for its clubs demonstrates a level of responsibility and foresight that could greatly benefit their football.

Now that the NPFL is about to resume, it is high time for the NFF and the Nigeria Premier League to reevaluate their priorities and consider implementing initiatives that foster growth and development from within.

Jokanola Bolaji

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