• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

NPFL Hammer falls on Three Clubs for Misconduct, Imposes Fines and Bans

By Alikpang Peter

To curb misconduct in the Nigerian Premier Football League (NPFL), three clubs have faced disciplinary actions for various acts of bringing the league to dsrepute in matchday 11, platinumnewsng.com is reporting.

Niger Tornadoes of Minna found themselves at the receiving end of a stringent penalty, earning a three-game ban behind closed doors along with a hefty fine of N3.2 million. The club was penalized for multiple offenses during their clash against Akwa United.

Initially, a N1million fine was imposed on the team for failing to provide adequate security for match officials. Another N1 million was charged for the failure to ensure proper conduct among club officials and security personnel. Additionally, a sum of N1.25 million was levied on the club to cover compensation for the referee who suffered harassment and lost personal belongings during the match.

Gombe United also faced severe consequences, being slapped with a N7 million fine and a one-match ban behind closed doors. The penalties were a result of disruptive behavior by fans, including throwing objects onto the field and obstructing the live broadcast of the game. These actions were attributed to inadequate security measures implemented by the club during the match.

The third NPFL club, Katsina United, received sanctions for a different form of misconduct. The club was fined due to an incident where one of their players wore a jersey with a hand-written name and number, contrary to the league’s regulations. This breach occurred during their away match against Sporting Lagos at the Mobolaji Johnson Arena, the home ground of the host team.

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