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South-South Dominates Female Cricket Landscape in Nigeria Ahead of NCF T20 Invitational and All Africa Games

South-South Nigeria has become the hub of cricket in Nigeria as revealed by Tonye Timinadi, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the South-South female league, with a contribution to the national team’s talent pool, platinumnewsng.com is reporting.

In a short interview with Sharon Ekhiwere of Platinum News, Tonye Timinadi revealed the region’s important role in grooming cricket talents, especially in light of the upcoming NCF T20 Invitational in Lagos and the All Africa Games in Accra, where Nigeria has proudly secured its qualification.

Pictures from the South-South Female Cricket League

Over recent years, the South-South has consistently produced top-tier players, dominating the National Sports Festival and National Youth Festival, along with the National U-17 and PwC Women’s Championship.

“In the past three National Sports Festival and National Youth Festival, the South-South has produced the players that win the event, even in the National U-17 and PwC Women championship,” he noted.

The National Female Cricket team, which draws a majority of the portion of its roster—about 10 to 12 players—from the South-South, is a clear indication of the region’s contribution to the sport. Furthermore, the National U-19 Female team boasts over 50 per cent of its members hailing from the South-South.

“They have sold themselves to the national and international audience that female cricket in Nigeria comes from South-South. About 10-12 of the players in the national team come from the South-South. Also in the National U-19 Female team, more than 50 per cent of the team are from the South-South.” Timinadi told Platinum Ne

The allure of the South-South as a breeding ground for cricket talent has not gone unnoticed, attracting players from across the country, particularly from the South-East and South-West, who seek to harness the opportunities for national trials and exposure. This influx of talent into the region not only enriches the local cricket scene but also elevates the standard of play, preparing athletes for national and international competitions.

“Presently, players around the country come to play here, most especially from the East and West play here so they can be scouted for national trials, now Nigeria is preparing for the NCF T20 Invitational that will be held later this month in Lagos and the All Africa games in Accra where they have qualified.” He added.

As Nigeria gears up for the NCF T20 Invitational later this month and the highly anticipated All Africa Games in Accra, the spotlight is firmly on the South-South region.

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