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Sports Minister Partners Yucateco to Develop Boxing, Targets Gold Medal In Olympic Boxing.

Commends YBP, Sues for Establishment of National Boxing championship

Diana-Mary Nsan

The Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh, has reiterated the Ministry’s determination to nurture boxing talent at both grassroots and national levels. This dedication was underscored as the Ministry forged a new partnership with Yucateco Boxing Promotion (YBP) aimed at promoting the sport throughout Nigeria.

Senator Enoh facilitated the partnership as he hosted the YBP team, led by Omolei Y. Imadu, at the Ministry on Thursday. The collaborative effort signals a significant step forward in enhancing the visibility and support for boxing within the country.

“The cornerstone and future of our sports resides at the grassroots level thus I am excited to engage with individuals who work at the grassroots level,” remarked Senator Enoh. “Our country has a glorious past in boxing, but it is gradually losing that glory. Nigerians have the innate ability to excel in any sport, including boxing. Having won Olympic gold medals in long jump and football we should win a gold medal in boxing.”

“Through strategic partnerships such as this with Yucateco Boxing Promotion, we aim to tap into the vast talent pool within our nation and provide avenues for aspiring boxers to excel on both national and international platforms.”

The partnership between the Ministry of Sports Development and Yucateco Boxing Promotion is expected to yield a range of initiatives aimed at nurturing talent, organizing competitions, and providing necessary support structures for athletes across Nigeria. By leveraging the expertise and resources of YBP, the Ministry will foster a thriving boxing ecosystem that empowers athletes and contributes to the overall development of sports in the country.

Furthermore, Senator Enoh emphasized the urgent need for the establishment of a national boxing championship as a means to sustainably promote and develop the sport across Nigeria. He stressed that such a league would not only provide a structured platform for competition but also serve as a catalyst for identifying and nurturing emerging talent.

“Nigeria has a rich history in boxing, and it’s time for us to reclaim our position on the global stage,” stated Senator Enoh. “While people like you work on the grassroots level, you can upscale and work on the national level, for example by organizing a national boxing championship. With the establishment of a national boxing championship, we can provide consistent opportunities for our boxers to hone their skills, compete at a high level, and ultimately strive for Olympic glory.”

The Honourable Minister urged stakeholders within the sports community, including government agencies, corporate bodies, and sports enthusiasts, to rally behind efforts to revitalize boxing in Nigeria. He emphasized that by working together, Nigeria can fulfil its potential and secure its place among the world’s boxing elite.

He thanked Mr. Omolei Imadu for his dedication to promoting and incentivizing amateur boxing at the grassroots level through the Yucateco boxing tournament and encouraged similar efforts across different well-meaning individuals.

“We do not need just passion from those who seek to run sports at the national level, we need people who can go all out like Mr Imadu has”.

As Nigeria sets its sights on future Olympic competitions, Senator Enoh expressed confidence that with the right support and investment, Nigerian boxers are capable of achieving greatness and bringing home coveted Olympic gold medals.

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