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BABADI KAMARA — The New Face of Sierra Leone Football

Babadi Kamara – In a dispensation when football has evolved and is becoming one of the fastest rising economy-boosting sectors for countries around the world, the need to have a fitting servant to harness the full football market’s potential is a loud cry for every Sierra Leonean. The need for a facelift of the country’s football is a deadly thirst many require urgent water, to bring back life into the dying football of the country and set it up again to rub shoulders with the big boys in the continent, Platinumnewsng.com writes.

The call and anointing fall on the head of Babadi Kamara!

Babadi Kamara Record

Babadi Kamara’s impactful leadership and unwavering commitment to football development in Sierra Leone has positioned him to lead the Sierra Leone Football Association next year. The seasoned football administrator and philanthropist embodies a new era of visionary leadership, poised to drive positive change in the SLFA administration.

His track record as the Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers and his transformative contributions to the sport, exemplify his capacity. He has the integrity to translate ideas into tangible successes. With a focus on sustainable development and an entrepreneurial approach to football administration. Babadi offers a promising future for football in the country. As he continues to advance football infrastructural development and uplift the those who have embraced football as a career. Babadi’s dedication to the sport goes beyond administrative reforms. His proactive initiatives underscore deep sense of care for the game, steadfast determination to elevate others within the game’s realm.

The Focus

Amidst the numerous challenges, setbacks and constant wreckage football has gone through and continues to experience, Babadi Kamara emerges as a beacon of hope, working tirelessly to restore the integrity and resilience of the most loved sport in the country. Beyond administrative reforms, his vision extends to positioning Sierra Leone as a formidable force in continental and global football. With a special aim of making Leone Stars a competing force. Allowing young players to showcase their talents for professional scouting.

The Agenda

Babadi’s comprehensive agenda focuses on advancing football at all levels across Sierra Leone, including the restructuring of policies for sustainable growth. Promotion of transparent and inclusive governance, and spearheading extensive youth development initiatives and infrastructural advancements. His inclusivity and consultative leadership style reflect his dedication to fostering a thriving and dynamic football landscape in Sierra Leone.

As the SLFA elections approach, Babadi Kamara’s aspiration to lead the Football Association signifies the promise of a new beginning. Marked by progressive, accountable, and visionary leadership, with a steadfast focus on driving positive change and uplift at all levels. Babadi Kamara is a symbol of hope for football in Sierra Leone. Paving the way for better opportunities and systems for the football family.

Join the train and see football grow under the Babadi Kamara administration.

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